Friday, August 7, 2009

Poison Berry Jam

I am sharing the story behind my new doll, "Poison Berry Jam" now listed on EBay. Though I am in no way a writer what so ever as my punctuations and what-nots leave something to be desired, I just thought it would be fun to share the story lines that I come up with while sewing and creating something new. Enter a bit in to my strange mind if you will...and enjoy!

Poison Berry Jam

~Every year Mable wins first place and takes home the blue ribbon prize for her jam at the county fair. "Everyone knows it is the best around," she says ,"and there isn't any competition I can tell you that !" But when the new neighbors decide to enter their home made jam made from an old Amish family recipe, dear Mable begins to worry . To secure her place and reigning title she had to do something ! So when no one was around the tasting table, she secretly added arsenic to the neighbors jam jar. "Just a tablespoon but not too much," she thought ,"just enough to make them all ill then blame their ailments on the neighbor's jam...then every one would see that mine is the best!" But before she could get just a little bit on the spoon she was startled by the loud noise of firecrackers the local kids were foolin around with and spilled most of the bottle into the jam jar! "Oh Biscuits!" she grumbled, for she knew it would be too much. But now the judges were heading toward the tent so she just started stirring as fast as she could , threw the spoon under the covered table and placed the lid back on."Whew, that was close!"she thought,"I think it was way too much but oh well, I can't undo the deed now," so off she went to freshen up ."

So when Mable was calm and refreshed , she headed back to the tents as the tasting had started and first up was the neighbors jam. The first judge took a taste, smiled and nodded then on down the line it went , but by the time it got to the third judge the first one started to loosen his bow tie and sweat just a bit, and then by the time the jam was to the fifth judge, the first judge fell face forward onto his clipboard..not a sign of life in him. " What was in that jam?!!" the crowd yelled , "who's jam was it!?" Mable very helpfully, yet dramatically yelled back," I think it was the new neighbors jam, my goodness what kind of a recipe did they use?" As the shock and confusion buzzed around the gathered crowds and siren sounds echoed through the county fair, Mable drew back into the crowd of on lookers and watched as the new neighbors were being questioned and giving responses in tears . She felt sort of bad for them but she still felt she had to do it, having worked hard so many long years to achieve the perfect recipe and it was an accomplished title she was not going to give up easily.
Some would say it's insane, but to Mable it proves a point and goes to show them all that her recipe is the best around, because sadly sometimes in life that's all you got.


magikalseasons said...

Fantastic and wonderful doll and very wicked story! I loved it! By the way your wicked skeleton sachet doll is still perfuming my entire great room with intoxicating scents! Love her! Have a wicked weekend! Becca :)

Iva Wilcox of Iva's Creations said...

Great story Nina!! I love it! Poor Mable, poor town's folk! Your tale is perfect for your new doll. Very well done! Have a wonderful week...Iva