Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays!

The mad rush is over for me and I am off from work until Jan 4th..finally. I can say that now I am ready for the Holidays . Friday we had a big snow storm move through the area leaving us snowed in our houses until Monday because of how much snow fell ...over 18 inches and most of it in one night! The town literally stopped moving as a white blanket was laid down and a peacefull silence came over our area. It was quit beautiful and for the first time since living in VA did I really enjoy the snow without fear of "Oh, I have to go out and drive in this " It was the weekend, the pantry was full and I was with my husband and little girl snowed in other place I'd rather be :) I am sharing a few snaps I took that Sunday, snow had started to melt but still was so lovely .

I have a few more presents to wrap ,spruce up the house from flying ribbons, bows and wrapping paper scattered about by kitty, then off to a Christmas Eve get together at my sister- in -laws house come the afternoon. Then afterwards tonight there are plans of games, egg nog, lots of eating and tracking Santa will begin and I can't wait to have my little angel open up her gifts from Santa come Christmas morning ! Can't believe this will be the last Christmas just the three of us as next year we will be four! :)
So I certainly will be taking lots of pictures , sitting back and taking it all in memory as more precious moments are made tonight .
Wishing you and your family a most wonderful and memorable Holiday !!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter Inspirations

I have been in the holiday spirit and wanted to make a few things to incorporate my festive mood. Though I love Santas and Snowmen and vintage Christmas decor my art does not really follow the path of holiday playfulness as that of so many artists that I admire . So I will admire from afar and leave it up to those who specialize in Christmas to make such lovelies and instead bring forth my own creations that capture ghosts stories on a cold winters night ,a Charles Dickens type of Victorian christmas and mistletoe mischeif. It is a bit of winter and holiday whimsy, with a touch of dark spookyness. I have three new dolls listed this week on eBay and will be adding two more before the holidays along with some ornaments that I have been meaning to list but just are not happy with the results yet so it is still a work in progress. I am my own worst critic!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New dolls and ornies

This weekend I listed some new dolls and ornies . I have been so inspired by Victorian Spiritualism here latley that I have many projects lined up with this theme. The seance doll and tarot dolls are actually ornaments, they came out quite small the first time in making them but I plan on making these again in a larger size of 15-18 inches tall with clay feets and hands.
So happy to have my art muse back! She had been gone for a while but now things are really rolling again . Drop by Etsy and Ebay to see these dolls if you like:)