Thursday, July 23, 2009

I had this doll body made about 3 months ago but never knew what to do with it except for adding a picture of Poe perhaps ..but it just did not seem fitting. So after searching the internet for folklore and poems here is what I came acrross.
Crow or Magpie Augery is the a type of divination or fortune telling practice that involved the counting of crows .How many crows you saw at any given time foretold of events to happen. There is a rhyme I found out about, that I am not quite sure of the origins of, but there seems to be many versions of it . One version that I particulary liked and the one I chose for my latest eBay listing of a crow doll I call "Counting Crows", is this one below. The dark reference to sorrow and death is what drew me to it, thou other versions can be seen at the following link 7th I found it quite fitting for what I was looking to capture.

One for sadness, two for mirth,
Three for marriage, four for birth,
Five for laughing, six for crying,
Seven for sickness, eight for dying,
Nine for silver, ten for gold,
Eleven a secret that will never be told.
I wonder what the secret never to be told would be if ever I see eleven? But just seeing so many at one time in itself is a beautiful and yet ominous sight... for it is a "murder " of crows after all .

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Vampires of New Orleans"

Through the years I have always been a big Anne Rice Fan and just adore her creative way of bring to life the dark under world of Vampires into the social sceen, who among the upper class and aristocrats mingle and mix. Never suspecting that the new aquaintances who are into the finer things in life and dress in the latest fashion of the day... are the undead ...and that they being human merely prey.

A new creation came out of my fondness for Anne's writing I call "Vampires of New Orleans ". A doll that tells the tale of a secret Vampire Society in New Orleans , who's names are only known among thier own kind and kept in a book which she holds, only for vampire eyes to view and unlock with a key she wears around her neck . To make public the names in this book would be scandalous and for those who try to posses it , it would be deadly.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Death by Chocolate and GA Visit

fishing in the fog

walking to the pond

quiet moments.

Well been gone for a while playing catch up since my mini vacation for the Fourth of July . We went to Georia right outside of Atlanta to visit family . We had a great time, ate really good food did the fire work thing (thou we almost set GA on fire ..oop's .)We went fishing and I took in my beloved southern atmostphere of early morning fog on the pond ,moonlite though the Pines, frogs croaking in the night and good old fashion southern cooking! My mother in law made Buttermilk Pie and my father in law made me some Fried Green Tomatoes and roasted corn corn with bacon .. I was in heaven .."now I can eat me some corn ya'll'"...he-he!

Since then it has been back to work but while out I came back with some new ideas for new creations like this one ,"DEATH BY CHOCOLATE". A new doll on Ebay inspired by family recipes that have been handed down through the years and shared at family get togethers. Of course I have to add the touch of wickedness behind it ...but thats me :)

Drop by and see if she will give you the recipe and meanwhile here are few little pics I took of my little angel fishing one morning in GA. Enjoy!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Haunted Attic Dolls

Every town has a dark history , every person has a tale or has heard of stories that start something like "There once was this lady who lived in town" or "No one knows what happened". Legends and tales of scandel and those who met their untimely deaths that seem to come back to visit or relive what happened, hanging around the place of thier death or where they once lived ..the plot for wonderful ghost stories . Yes the South has many of these and it was in my creative moment that I recalled some of these stories to bring to life two new little ladies listed on ebay . I call them Haunted Attic Dolls , little ghostly women who want to tell their sad tale of wrong doing . They look as though they would reside in attics among the trunks , vintage clothes, forgotton pictures , old china and crystal ware. Still hauntingly beautiful as they were in the day but pale and dusty ...their once fine clothes now tattered and worn . Perhaps they haunt the attics as they still are connected to the things now in storage that once belong to them in life or perhaps... their body lays in hidding among the pile of junk and awaits for some one to discover and give a proper burial .

What ever case Madame Dauphin and Madame Lacroix would love to tell their story to anyone who will listen drop by for a visit.