Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Vampires of New Orleans"

Through the years I have always been a big Anne Rice Fan and just adore her creative way of bring to life the dark under world of Vampires into the social sceen, who among the upper class and aristocrats mingle and mix. Never suspecting that the new aquaintances who are into the finer things in life and dress in the latest fashion of the day... are the undead ...and that they being human merely prey.

A new creation came out of my fondness for Anne's writing I call "Vampires of New Orleans ". A doll that tells the tale of a secret Vampire Society in New Orleans , who's names are only known among thier own kind and kept in a book which she holds, only for vampire eyes to view and unlock with a key she wears around her neck . To make public the names in this book would be scandalous and for those who try to posses it , it would be deadly.


Iva Wilcox of Iva's Creations said...

I am a huge Anne Rice fan! When we visited the Garden District while she lived in New Orleans, I captured a picture of her house made famous in her witches books. Your doll is wonderful and always an imaginative story to go with it!
~ Iva

Gothic Southern Belle Art said...

Oh Iva ,I would love to see pics:)
Never been to New Orleans to visit only drove by it on my way to Texas... but it is on my bucket list! Thanks for dropping by!

Through the Sea Gate said...

Nina-she is soooo cool! YYou are so creative!