Monday, July 13, 2009

Death by Chocolate and GA Visit

fishing in the fog

walking to the pond

quiet moments.

Well been gone for a while playing catch up since my mini vacation for the Fourth of July . We went to Georia right outside of Atlanta to visit family . We had a great time, ate really good food did the fire work thing (thou we almost set GA on fire ..oop's .)We went fishing and I took in my beloved southern atmostphere of early morning fog on the pond ,moonlite though the Pines, frogs croaking in the night and good old fashion southern cooking! My mother in law made Buttermilk Pie and my father in law made me some Fried Green Tomatoes and roasted corn corn with bacon .. I was in heaven .."now I can eat me some corn ya'll'"...he-he!

Since then it has been back to work but while out I came back with some new ideas for new creations like this one ,"DEATH BY CHOCOLATE". A new doll on Ebay inspired by family recipes that have been handed down through the years and shared at family get togethers. Of course I have to add the touch of wickedness behind it ...but thats me :)

Drop by and see if she will give you the recipe and meanwhile here are few little pics I took of my little angel fishing one morning in GA. Enjoy!


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Iva Wilcox of Iva's Creations said...

Such wonderful photos, especially fishing in the fog! And southern food...there's nothing better! I miss it from my days in Memphis. So glad you had a great time and are inspired. I love the idea of old family recipes to create your latest beauty. Look forward to more of your works from your visit...Iva