Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gypsy Moon- Ivy Stew Doll

I HOPE THAT EVERY ONE HAD A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS !Ours was great ,I did indeed enjoy my time off and got to do a little sewing.I finally listed a new doll this morning on Ebay ! She is an inspiration of Moon Enchantment and Gypsy Magick Stew . Now that winter is officially here all I seem to want to cook is soups and stews , my crock pot has really been working hard so this is where the idea come from :) I have another doll to finish up but I have a bit of artist block with that one so not sure when it will be complete .. I will keep you posted though mean while drop by and take a peek at the new creation :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where does time go ?

Since having Tristan time seems to be flying by as it was just not too long ago I was posting that I was expecting and that this year we would have an addition to our Chirstmas Holiday and now ta da...he is 6 1/2 months old , our tree is up once again and we already have had our first snow for the year .. geez! :)
I've been away from posting anything on the blog for a while as I really have not had much time to create dolls or any thing else for that matter since I have been mainly concentrating on getting my perfume business Midnight Gypsy Alchemy up and running smoothly and in getting the company name out there. I am happy to say that it has been successful as now my line of perfume will be carried at two locations, La Belle Epoque in Salinas California and the Hexen Museum in Switzerland, both shops ran by two wonderful ladies I might add and are the sweetest people to work with . So with making perfumes, soaps and herbal healing salves, a full time job, Christmas on the way and and two babies ...I have my plate full.

I have been asked time and time again "when are you going to make more dolls?" and the answers is ... soon ...but no specific time . I have just been in a different mind set, and my artistic persona has taken on a different path so I have to find what works for me now and then move on from there in creating new dollies. I have a long holiday break come December 23rd and will not have to be back at work until January 4th. During this time I plan to find my cretive inspiration and finish two bodies I started a year ago .Oh my.. poor things no face or clothes for a year :(
One is a black cat and the other was molded to look like a china doll. The images and ideas I get now for my dolls because of the season , are of ice and snow, blues, greys and winter moons,herbs, jars, mandrakes, so I think this may be the direction I'm going to head in for now. I just have to sit myself down and do it ! ;) Wish me Luck !

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Oh my goodness look how clean!!

My New Apothecary Studio is Finished!

I moved my studio down stairs to the den ,where I could be closer to everything and everyone and gave my old room to Tristan for all his wittle things...He is very pleased as you can see.:)
This is the glass door cabinet that I keep all my oils and infusions safely stored in and away from the light.

Right now this is the cleanest my work space has ever been but come Sunday this will look like a tornado blew in after filling orders !

The fireplace was an unattractive brown and ever since we moved in I always wanted to paint it, so I finally did and white seems to be more fitting . I am not too crazy about my old steam trunk being in front of the fireplace though but for now until I find a permanent home for it some where in the house it will have to stay there.

This is the desk that I sit at and fill orders for my "Midnght Gypsy Alchemy" business. I keep supplies in the little drawer under the desk and in the glass door cabinet above that I absolutely love ! You know I found this at a yard sale for $3.00 , it was brown wood but I painted it white to match . I love the lilly design on the front.

This is my computer desk /doll making station, I just move the key board when I want to sit and sew.

I keep my doll making supplies of fabric, ,beads baubles, paint and other sewing needs in the drawers . OK ,the inside of the drawers will remain unphotgraphed as they are not for the faint of heart(lol). I have such a hard time putting things back where they go and tend to stuff things in the wrong drawers, so that is a project I will work on next ..organizing my drawers!

A picture of the mantle that now houses all of my herbs, resins teas etc... in glass vintage apothecary jars that I have collected through the years.I am alway on the hunt for more as I am obsessed with jars and bottles and will soon add more to my home Apothecary .

To the left of the computer desk is my display and packaging shelf. I keep my doll creations that are ready to sell on this shelf as well as more jars of beads, buttons , pearls and packaging supplies.

Well there you have it, a little glimpse into my new studio which I am enjoying very much . There still may be some things I change and details I need to take care of like adding candles in the candle sconces on the wall and hanging up more pictures but that will be later on but for the most part I am happy with the result.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Practical Magic and home decor

This weekend I watched for the 100th time one of the most enchanting old movies in my collection .Many may be familiar with the 1998 movie "Practical Magic" starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman . It is one of my all time favorite movies to watch over and over besides" The Color Purple ". Well if you have seen this movie then you know how I feel when I say I WANT THAT HOUSE!!! Oh to just step into the TV and spend a day with the Owens women would be just magical ...minus the dead boyfriend who comes back of course(lol).For those who have not seen the movie, well get on your brooms and fly out and get rent it you will not be disappointed. I guarantee you to will be wanting to change your home decor and live more magical life because it will inspire you so ... I know it has for me ! I did change my kitchen to a cream, sage and white color scheme with greenery and herbs as the motifs. Oh and the shop that Sally runs ...Oh my goodness ! To a bath and body, perfume maker it is an absolute apothecary dream I am envious and would looove to own a little shop like that !
Who wouldn't loved to have aunts like those who have no problem eating chocolate cake for breakfast , make Midnight Margaritas and who saw spell casting as a fun past time, not to mention jumping of the roof and flying down on Halloween ! One day I tells ya , one day I shall live enchanted this way (ok maybe the roof jumping may not be good idea if i really can't fly ) an old lady with her herbs, a secret garden in a lovely house by the sea selling her apothecary creation to the town folks of a sleepy little town ,ahhhhh dream , sounds lovely don't you think ? :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sneak peek at the new Studio and Halloween Inspirations

It was a busy weekend indeed as I started on a new project of relocating my doll and apothecary studio down stairs to the den . This way I can be closer to the family when working and Tristan can have a bigger room . My how baby things do seem to clutter the house fast . Just a Sneak Peek At the Progress, alsmot done , I will say "complete"in a few more days as I still need to fold and coordinate my fabric. Jeez , it is amazing how a crafter can accumulate so many baubles and beads and fabric and ribbon , now I know why my grandma's closet in her room was so stuffed with yarns and fabric. It is hard to let go of anything in fear you may use it one day to create and yet one still keeps buying more because "ooooh that would mke something pretty " :)

So needless to say have some things I never use and thought I might place them in a package and do a give away . I am sure another artists creativeness can put all of it to good use:)

I woke up Friday and was soooo into the Halloween Spirit it wanted to take my pumpkins out already so I took out some white ceramic glazed pumpkins I have and placed them in the kitchen .... this made me feel much better. You know I feel Fall around the corner though it is blazing hot outside....go figure, does any one else feel the same ? So while in the Halloween mode I woke up at 3:00 am on Saturday while baby, Tori and Shawn were still asleep and began to finish up some dolls that I had the bodies laying around for a while. I made a Halloween Masqueradeade doll , a Mandrake Witch and a Vintage Halloween Folk Art doll stand. Two Dolls I listed on Ebay Sunday and my Vintage Folk Art Doll I will list some time this morning , I just ran out of time ! I was so excited with the doll stand as this was my first time creating something with a vintage touch to it think she came out quite lovely . In fact I am making more of this style because I just can't get enough of that cute face!

Well ,off I go to get ready for work, just thought I would fly by and post the happenings around here . I will have more pics of the studio as I complete it so ya'll come back !:)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Butterfly Spells

now listed on ebay .



Southern Gypsy Style Dining

Every now and then when the southern afternoons here in Virginia are not so hot, we like to dine outside al fresco or as I call it .."Gypsy Style ". I bring out the old bed sheets, candelabras and glass bottles or vases found at local yard sales and of course my huge candle stash ... one can never can have too many candles you know .Then we bring our supper outside,sit, eat and enjoy each others company .When evening falls we clear the table and light the candles then lay old blankets and pillows on the ground and out comes the wine for me and rum and coke for my husband. Tori will have either grape juice or sparkling cider in a grown up wine glass ..she calls this "kid wine". As for Tristan, well now since he will be joining us for out door dining and drinks he will have his usual drink of choice which is a very fine warm milk cocktail ..stirred not shaken as it brusies the milk (lol!)

We try to do this as often as we can and it does not take much to do... in fact both my tables you see are make shift .One is an old storage tote and left over piece of plywood for the top and the other is an old card table just dressed in old sheets, lace curtains and linens . They do not have to match and candles of any type with old wine bottles , fresh or fake flowers make the scene because as the evening comes the soft light of the candles falls upon every thing bringing a glow of enchantment to all objects it touches. You can even hang christmas lights in the trees for a fairy light effect ;)

Be creative and use what you have, example being in one of the pictures if you look carefully you can see I have hung two lantern like obejcts in the trees which I made out of Tristans formula cans(he-he ). I just cut diamonds shapes all around the cans and hung them with string then added candles in side and ta-da... lanterns for the evening!

I do recomend having at least one evening a year dining outside gypsy style. Be creative ,there isn't a right or wrong way to do it .. it is fun, relaxing ,romantic (ooh-la-la) ...and whether you have children or not it is a wonderful and magical way to spend the evening and make some good memories.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Magic in the Air

With Summer now upon us the fire flies again began to light the evening skys like green fairy lights that dance and play in the cool mountain breezes around here. It is a very magical and dreamy time of year and it does inspire me so. I conjour images of Gypsy's with thier Caravans camped down for the night and gather round the fire side to play music, and share stories under the star filled sky. It also reminds me of a scene straight out of " Midsummer Night's Dream " or visions of Southern Ladies sitting on the porch drinking afternoon tea with the scent of Magnolias in the air . With all the atmosphere of these summer nights, it inspired me to create the latest doll "Magic Tea Gypsy Cat " now on ebay . But the inspiration did not stop there as I got a little bit of time to take some magical picture of my babies .Tori with her fairy wings and Tristan like a little wood elf resting under a hill of ivy. Though we were just playing dress up that day I was very pleased and suprised at how they came out . I hope you enjoy them !


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Meet The New Addition!

On May 19th 2010 at approximately 5:17 am "Tristan Nicholas Alberto Terry" came into this world two weeks early, weighing 7 pounds 7 ounces ,19 inches long. He was born within an hour of my contractions starting and boy let me tell you there was no time for an epidural or meds of any kind. It was a hard yet surprisingly fast labor but with that came a few little problems that made us have to wait to bring out little bundle of joy home until Sunday the 23rd :(

At first it was the a fast breathing rate that made them concerned to where they had to tube feed him for a day or so until it regulated . Then on the second day he developed Jaundice which he had to under go treatment of being placed under Bili-lights ...sorta like tanning bed for a few more days. On Sunday the 23rd when the doctor signed the release forms I was so relieved that finally we could go home and start adjusting to life at home with a new one.. and oh what and adjustment it has been when you have to start over again taking care of a newborn . It's like being a first time mom again because Tori is 8 now and all that I remember of newborns and babies in general has flown out the door.. I guess it was replaced by perfumes and doll making ha-ha!

But instincts kicked in and I did find my groove after week so I am getting back into the swing of things ,thank goodness! Tori is adjusting well and is quit the helper ,though I can't help but notice she is a bit disappointed that the baby is not as much fun as she thought .. I think she expected that he would come out ready to play instead of eat, sleep and poop! The proud daddy .. what can I say he is just the best . He is there for me when I, Tori or the baby needs anything , he is my right hand and keeps me in check with reminding me about little things when my mind goes to mush from lack of sleep... thank goodness for my hubby my hero to the rescue :)

I am preparing for my mom , my aunt and uncle and two nieces to come for a visit this weekend and I am so excited and looking forward to it so very much ...I am just over the moon about it! It is though a visit of happy and sad emotions as Mom and Dad had planned earlier this year to come up here together and see the baby when born. Although Dad did not make it to see his new grandson in person I know he will be here in spirit and a little part of him will always be with Tristan as we gave him a second middle name of "Alberto" to honor him. I know Dad would have loved that .

Well, here are a few pics I took in the hospital and at home of my baby boy that I thought I would share with you . I will eventually get back to my normal doll blogging soon and in fact had a gypsy cat doll I finished the day before I went into labor that I plan on listing on Tuesday so do look for that soon until next time !


Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Name, New Blog look

Ok ,can't sleep , been up since 3:am not feeling the best as heartburn and the feeling of not being able to breath right has taken sleep from me:( But only a week or so now to go ...whoo hoo!!! I thought I would hop on the computer and do a bit of browsing and blogging .
I had mentioned before that I was to change the name of blog and art path eventually , this past week it came to me and here is the result of what I had in my head to evolve into... "Southern Gypsy Moon Art."
A name that suits who I am in still keeping in touch with my southern upbringing and love for all the south has to offer including a touch of the dark as I still tend to fancy a good ghost story, the supernatural and the unexplained .There is also now a bit more whimsy ,gypsy, and magick inspirations that will come out from now on in all my creations ....just can't help it ;)
The transition just started and I will be changing my ebay seller name as well . So for those who follow my blog I do hope it does not scare you off ;( I promise there still will be some creations and posts of interest here as I plan to be more active in my blogging.

Tonight I had a brain storm of new doll ideas so off I go to start some bodies I will regret the waking up so early by tomorrow afternoon .. uhgg!!
Well till next time !

Friday, May 7, 2010

Purple Gypsy Moon Doll

Another one of latest creations now listed in Ebay, I call her " Purple Gypsy Moon " . She is up for bid with free shipping along with my "Midnight Gypsy Doll ".Drop by and see !

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Midnight Moon Gypsy Doll

So finally ,I decided to list one of my creations today that marks the new creative ways of my gypsy clouded mind. I have others in the works but this one seemed to capture a dark mystic feel to it that I thought I would list first to ease into the new transition. I call her " The Midnight Moon Gypsy" and she now listed on ebay ,do drop by and take a peek :)


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Baby, New Venture and Dad

Oh so so much has gone on in my 4 month disappearance. First off only 4 more weeks till baby is here may be sooner as things are reeeelly starting to progress that I am not sure if the June 2nd date that will be accurate at all. Energy is down and my super fast mode of whipping around house and going to town for shopping adventures is very limited :(.That reaaaaaally makes me frustrated when the most simple things like laundry,sweeping or picking up socks is so hard to do now . But being only 34 weeks if I do not take it easy and relax pre-term labor is in the cards for me and not something I want believe me, so fingers crossed I make it to at least 38 weeks!

With all the rest and time on my hands to do "non active" things it can drive one crazy so I turned to my art muse for creativeness..but sadly he has gone and no where to be found not sure if he will return and not sure if I want him too. My state of mind with this pregnancy has changed quite a bit to where my thoughts seem to stay in a lighter mode instead of dark and macabre. I became more drawn to the natural and earthy way of living . I have always loved my Hispanic roots of home remedies and medicines, gypsy cures,kitchen witch magic but lately it seems I more intrigued by them and feel comfortable in going that route when making any creations. A lot I have not listed because not sure what people will think or even buy because it is such a change for me. I did however give into a new venture and since I closed down VMB I have missed making soaps and perfumes. I missed it so much that in January I opened a little Etsy shop where I sell a new line of bath and body products centered around a gypsy theme of home made natural perfumes, soaps and salts, I call this venture "Midnight Gypsy Alchemy ". Very different from what I made at VMB with synthetics and artificial coloring and only 6 scents to where I can keep up with my orders very, very easily and not have to deal with wholesale, 3 websites,42 scents and working 7 days a week after my regular job !!.

So far it has been wonderful, laid back, easy to manage and I still get my perfume making fix now that I can tolerate smells again and still spend lots of time with my family . It will still be something that after the baby is born I can still fulfill orders with out pulling my hair out ! If you are interested I have made another blog for it "Musings from A Midnight Gypsy "which you can drop by and see what is going on with that as well . Truth be told I probably will start a new line of art work that matches this gypsy theme and change the name on this one, so if one day you drop in and see the blog name changed you will know what happened and I hope many will still follow even though the creations will not be as dark .

Another event that has kept me away and sadly I say that in March I lost my father in Texas , he was 65 years old ,not something we expected but with being on dialysis 3 times a day , diabetic , amputee and dealing with heart problems for so long as he did ...we did know eventually the day would come. I've been dealing with that and focusing on healing the pain for it is a long and hard process and does not help when you are thousands of miles away from your family . Perhaps that is another reason why I will not allow myself to go to that dark and macabre place when I feel the need to create. I do not want death and negative thinking in my life right now and keeping positive for my entire family and my baby is the main focus, as well as trying not to be selfish of still wanting him here or dwelling on why dad is gone but more on dad is better, healed and free. I can't help but cry sometimes but it is short lived and a wave of happy emotions goes through me when I think about how he can go anywhere and not be stuck to that machine.. he is whole now, he is Albert once more .There still is a void in my life there always will be, but I try to fill that up with all the wonderful memories he left me and in that place he will forever be alive to me.

And so with all this, such as life and indeed it marches on . We grow , grieve for our losses, and await new beginnings with some wonderful some trying new life adventures. As new roads lay before us one knows not what will come our way but in the end despite everything we will have to go through ...have no regrets of taking the first step towards our unknown destined paths .

"Not all who wander are lost "

J.R.R Tolkien.