Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Name, New Blog look

Ok ,can't sleep , been up since 3:am not feeling the best as heartburn and the feeling of not being able to breath right has taken sleep from me:( But only a week or so now to go ...whoo hoo!!! I thought I would hop on the computer and do a bit of browsing and blogging .
I had mentioned before that I was to change the name of blog and art path eventually , this past week it came to me and here is the result of what I had in my head to evolve into... "Southern Gypsy Moon Art."
A name that suits who I am in still keeping in touch with my southern upbringing and love for all the south has to offer including a touch of the dark as I still tend to fancy a good ghost story, the supernatural and the unexplained .There is also now a bit more whimsy ,gypsy, and magick inspirations that will come out from now on in all my creations ....just can't help it ;)
The transition just started and I will be changing my ebay seller name as well . So for those who follow my blog I do hope it does not scare you off ;( I promise there still will be some creations and posts of interest here as I plan to be more active in my blogging.

Tonight I had a brain storm of new doll ideas so off I go to start some bodies I will regret the waking up so early by tomorrow afternoon .. uhgg!!
Well till next time !

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Iva Wilcox of Iva's Creations said...

Your new name sounds wonderful and I look forward to seeing those ideas come to fruition. Wishing more restful nights for you before the big day! I will also watch for the announcement of the new little gypsy baby who will join you under the moon.
~ Iva