Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Magic in the Air

With Summer now upon us the fire flies again began to light the evening skys like green fairy lights that dance and play in the cool mountain breezes around here. It is a very magical and dreamy time of year and it does inspire me so. I conjour images of Gypsy's with thier Caravans camped down for the night and gather round the fire side to play music, and share stories under the star filled sky. It also reminds me of a scene straight out of " Midsummer Night's Dream " or visions of Southern Ladies sitting on the porch drinking afternoon tea with the scent of Magnolias in the air . With all the atmosphere of these summer nights, it inspired me to create the latest doll "Magic Tea Gypsy Cat " now on ebay . But the inspiration did not stop there as I got a little bit of time to take some magical picture of my babies .Tori with her fairy wings and Tristan like a little wood elf resting under a hill of ivy. Though we were just playing dress up that day I was very pleased and suprised at how they came out . I hope you enjoy them !