Monday, March 7, 2011

Violet inspiration

So what do I have next on the agenda to create ? Lets see, Spring is just right around the corner and inspiration for new dolls is coming faster than I can have a chance to sit and make anything . But I am writing it all down and will get to it as the months go by and right now I am in a flower mode. The first in line will be a doll with a Violet theme . It is said that carrying Violets with you is good luck, mixing Violets and Lavender makes for a stong love combination and putting it in sachets promotes good dreams and divination . What I like is that they say if you harvest the first Violet in Spring then your wish will be granted. Hmmm... Let's get to picking! ;)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spring Clover Magic

I'm just counting down to spring how about you ? The weather has warmed up a little but still chilly.Boy do I already have spring fever and this came out in my latest doll creation now listed on eBay . I call her "Spring Clover Magic " . Beacuse when I see the clover in the yard start to appear from under the brown winter grass it is magic to my eyes indeed! So needless to say another gypsy doll came to be.I imagined her walking through the meadow somewhere close to her wagon , it is a warm spring day and she is gathering clover for her remedies. She may in stop to to rest a while and lay in a clover patch taking in the breeze and while she sleeps her long wild hair makes a good home for those little loose clovers...catching a few that blow about in the breeze.