Sunday, March 30, 2008

Snake Oil Medicine Doll Ornament

"I am the seller of snake liniments, and oils,
goods for all ailments,troubles and toils."

In the late 1800s there were snake-oil salesmen, led by Clark Stanley, the self-described "Rattlesnake King." Stanley made a fortune selling his pain liniment, reputedly made from oil extracted from snakes.His advertisments described his snake oil as "A wonderful pain destroying compound." It was "the strongest and best liniment known for the cure of all pain and lameness." To be "used external only," it treated "rheumatism, neuralgia, sciatica, lame back, lumbago, contracted muscles, toothache, sprains, swellings, etc." It also,the ad said "cures frost bites, chill blains, bruises, sore throat, and bites of animals, insects and reptiles," in fact being "good for every thing a liniment should be good for." Promising "immediate relief," being "Good for man and beast ,"it sold for fifty cents a bottle . In 1915, Stanley's concoction was examined and found to be of no value, in fact it was mostly made of mineral oil. The U.S. government shut him down for making false claims,and for this was fined $20.00 .

Thursday, March 27, 2008

These I adore.

This has a Dark Shadows/Jack the Riper feel to it I love. It speaks vampires, murder mystery foggy graveyards and dark me;)

This one I adore, it seems to really capture how I feel sometimes, not really here or there,belonging to this world but connected to another. Pieces of my thoughts scattered here and there and of being pulled in every direction to where you feel like you may fall apart when all the while you just want to sit and enjoy the silence ...take in life. I am sure some of you know the feeling.

I found these while cleaning up my pictures that were saved on my computer and thought I would share two of my favorite internet pictures from a few years back. There were many on there that I love and use for my personal myspace page ,and these two are the ones that seem to speak to me more . One is from an old paperback mystery novel cover a friend found and sent to me... the other I have yet to find the artist who did this to see if I can get a print and frame if for my office . I will continue to search, maybe one day .


Friday, March 21, 2008

Fortune Teller Ornament

Feeling a bit gypsy this week, I am being inspired by fortune tellers ,tarot cards and ouija boards .
Back to work I go to finish up some more projects!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Victorian Mourning Doll Ornament...

I call this one "The Widow" a new doll ornament listed this morning of 3 news ones I am working... on along with oh so many unfinished projects . My work desk has all these little body parts of heads, legs , arms and stuffed torsos yet to be assembled into new doll people.

Thank goodness for the time change and having longer daylight now !

Friday, March 14, 2008

Gothic Springtime

"It's time to plant your poisoned seeds, and gather snake eggs among the weeds."

A new doll listed this morning that I created adding my own dark and unusual twist to the springtime season .
I would have loved to have had a snake basket for Easter instead of the foo- foo, pink fur ones I used to get ;)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Skull Head Pin Cushion

I made one of these last year sometime but with a white lace bonnet. I wanted to make another but could not find any more skull heads. After cleaning my office closet /storage room this weekend I found 3 more in my Halloween party boxes... so off I went to make another and hopefully 2 more later on in the year.

For those who prefer odd and unique pin cushions rather than -YE OLD TOMATOE !


The Maid Did It !

"Malicious Maid "A New Torso Doll Ornament that I just listed today.

I have a weak spot for the "Who done it ?" murder mystery story, whether in books or films. So I created this maid doll to have a 1920's Dark Noir ,Murder Mystery feel to her.
The old "The maid is the one poisoning all the guest ...oh my (gasp)!!! "scenario.

I handpainted all of her, from face to body in acrylic paint and the the picture that is on her midsection is of a teacup, tea pot, sugar cubes, spoon and a bottle of poison . My artwork is rusty after may years of non practice, so I only dare to venture and paint on small surfaces, and fabric is very easy to work with as it is very forgiving with mistakes ;)


Saturday, March 1, 2008

..and a vision was born,

so I called her "Timeless Beauty ".

I could not sleep last night so at 2 am I got up, made myself a cup of TAZO Tea ,then I when to my office, sat down at my desk and began to work on a new doll. Sleepless nights are cause by the on going mad rush of thoughts and new ideas in my head created by my demon muse I call "Damien".

Oh he was was pushing hard on this one to get her completed,photographed and listed this morning. So within 3 hours she came to life which normally takes a day or so to do these type of dolls....I think this is the record.
Ahh... if only I could make all my creations as fast as I did this one, without knowledge of time or place, just free creativity with an insane drive of tunnel vision.
One day I shall capture Damien in a bottle and drink of his tidings and musings of dark inspirations when ever I feel the need. But he is a funny fellow who comes and goes as he pleases .Yes quit the humorous one though, waking me at 2 am !
Off to bed I go .