Saturday, March 1, 2008

..and a vision was born,

so I called her "Timeless Beauty ".

I could not sleep last night so at 2 am I got up, made myself a cup of TAZO Tea ,then I when to my office, sat down at my desk and began to work on a new doll. Sleepless nights are cause by the on going mad rush of thoughts and new ideas in my head created by my demon muse I call "Damien".

Oh he was was pushing hard on this one to get her completed,photographed and listed this morning. So within 3 hours she came to life which normally takes a day or so to do these type of dolls....I think this is the record.
Ahh... if only I could make all my creations as fast as I did this one, without knowledge of time or place, just free creativity with an insane drive of tunnel vision.
One day I shall capture Damien in a bottle and drink of his tidings and musings of dark inspirations when ever I feel the need. But he is a funny fellow who comes and goes as he pleases .Yes quit the humorous one though, waking me at 2 am !
Off to bed I go .

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Carolee said...

Gorgeous, Nina!!

~ Carolee