Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Maid Did It !

"Malicious Maid "A New Torso Doll Ornament that I just listed today.

I have a weak spot for the "Who done it ?" murder mystery story, whether in books or films. So I created this maid doll to have a 1920's Dark Noir ,Murder Mystery feel to her.
The old "The maid is the one poisoning all the guest ...oh my (gasp)!!! "scenario.

I handpainted all of her, from face to body in acrylic paint and the the picture that is on her midsection is of a teacup, tea pot, sugar cubes, spoon and a bottle of poison . My artwork is rusty after may years of non practice, so I only dare to venture and paint on small surfaces, and fabric is very easy to work with as it is very forgiving with mistakes ;)


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Designs by CK said...

LOVELY ~ very Art Deco gothic! :)