Thursday, August 13, 2009

Halloween Art and Purple Witches

The last two doll I created were indeed the last of the poisoned summer themed dolls that I will make until next year, now on to Halloween and Haunted Art ! Oh yes , it is my fav-o-rite type of art as I have so much fun creating for the season . I have listed now on eBay a "Purple Witch Spell" doll complete with her familiar cat and spell book to kick things off and will be listing a bat doll , another cat doll and some oujia ladies.. also a few ornaments. I have had my mind on creating some topsy turvy dolls since it has been ages since I created one of those so this weekend I will play arond with some ideas. Also toying with the idea of opening an ETSY shop for small dolls and ornaments but more info on that as the days go by. Do drop by for a spell and visit the new gal on ebay, you will find her quite enchanting :)

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magikalseasons said...

Love her! :) I saw one of your bath products listed in the Creepy Queens Magazine! :)