Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Halloween Bat Girl

"Halloween Bat Birl " now listed on eBay , a perfect little gal to add to your Halloween decor that is for sure. I had a hec of a time making and wrapping the clay candy and lollipop to add to her little jack-o-lantern ( tiny items can drive a person to drink I tell ya ) but it worked out in the end ..and the drinks too ;)
I have about 3 more dolls to list this week and still working on some items for my etsy shop as well ...not to much to start with but enough . I am having so much fun I tell ya I feel I could just burst with Halloween joy and oh ....only 73 more days til then!
I also have to tell you about the new addition the family,.... a sweet little grey kitten we took in that we named "Luna". We named her that because of the gorgeous , silvery, grey fur she has ...I can't wait to show you ! I will have pictures of her up her soon, as I have not had a chance to take pictures of her while she is cat napping or lounging, which is not often as she is very active and all I can get are blurred pictures of her running by . It does make for a cool and spooky picture though :) More to come !

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magikalseasons said...

I saw your Bat Girl on ebay! I was telling a friend of mine about all that detail you put into those tiny, tiny candies! Amazing! Love cats had a Luna once but mine was black with a white round spot under her chin. That's how she got her name. Post some pics soon! I miss my felines! :) Becca