Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New kitten and our other fur babies!

Here she is, little Luna! The little stray cat we took in recently and a fuzzy and playful addition to our family . I finally got her to sit still long enough by having her focus on a rubber band above her... Geeez she is active! I love her coat, it's a smokey, mystic color with a silver sheen to it and she is sort of fluffy ... has a tail like a squirel ...he-he . She reminds me of my old cat I used to have in Texas who was grey as well, we called him "Church" ... yep you may have guessed it, it came from Stephen King's Pet "Pet Cemetary". She is so very shy around other people but when all is still and you are on the couch she comes to you for some love'n. Things are still new for her but she will come around and soon enough I will have her posing with pumpkins and witch hats for cute Halloween pictures...I know, I am a big geek ;)
Well, I could not take pics of just one fur-baby with out showing the rest so here are some li'l snaps of our other darlings .

Here is our 12 year old cat , she is old and wise and has a very regal pressence to her we call her "Seis" because she amazingly has six toes on each front paw!

Here is my mama's boy Boston mix dog "Sméagol "( remember we are big Tolken fans;) who loves to smile at you with is massive underbite , sometimes he looks like a little bat or gremlin with his toothey grim :) He crouches when he walks .. poor thing , a habit he has from being insecure and fearful as we he was abused at one time .We rescued him from our local human society and fell in love instantly. I never was a dog person until we adopted him and now he is my sweet little furry shadow who follows me where ever I go .
I do hope you enjoy these! :)


Through the Sea Gate said...

Love them all! They are sooo cute!

magikalseasons said...

Luna and all the familiars are beautiful! I had a long haired Cat like your Seis. Her name was Hekate. Love your pups teeth too! :) Becca