Monday, August 31, 2009

Gone for a while :)

Just dropping in to say I will be gone for a while. During this time I will be moving to a new house and trying to set up my studio again which I am excited about and can't wait to show pictures! Packing right now is such a task as I am a bit of a pack rat and am having difficulty deciding on what goes to the new house and what goes to the curb... eeek.!
I plan to return to making dolls and opening up shop for VMB again around Sept 10th... so until then Dark Kisses and see you soon!


magikalseasons said...

Good luck with the move! How exciting to have a new studio. :)

Iva Wilcox of Iva's Creations said...

Good luck with the move Nina! It is such a bear to relocate, but it breathes new life into living spaces and studios! Hope your new studio becomes all that you want. I'm sure it will will reflect your wonderful talent...Iva