Thursday, August 20, 2009

Masquerade Doll

I love to play around with different sculpting material, from making my own home made clay or using a local artist friends (Through the Sea Gate )recipe of old fashion bread clay ,to paper clay and paper mache . This time I used paper mache and found that the bumpy texture that is the finshed product is quite unique and does very well when trying to give an aged look to your work . So in playing around in the wee hours of the morning this past weekend, I created a few doll busts and set them on candle stick holders and old vintage bottles ..even wooded dowels for fun Halloween and Spooky sceptors. The first to be finished was a doll stand called "Halloween Masquerade" now on ebay .

She turned out to be quite a lovely piece and wonderful to set upon your table tops and mantles to add a little gothic Halloween Masquerade touch to your decor this season . I have her on top of my piano where I display most of my dolls and take my pictures as it makes for a wonderful dark back ground.

Oh which by the way,I don't think I ever mentioned that my piano was a new addition to my home decor a few months back . Up above is a picture of when we first got it. I bought it for a mere $25.00 and it is and old 1950's or 60's cherry wood ,Stratford Piano that took 6 men to bring into the house one rainy afternoon . My husband was one of the men behind the brawn that brought it into the parlor and often teases me by saying " if we ever move the piano is staying with the house!" Ha ... think not! It took me 13 years to get another piano to replace the one I left in Texas that I had since I was 9.. not going to part with it any time soon!
I so enjoy playing it when all is quiet and everyone is asleep up upstairs. It is another creative release of mine outside of making art, I create and compose my own songs where I escape into yet another world filled with music. I find it good to have a choice in of doors in which to open and escape from one world to the next when you find that you need a break from things.

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