Friday, May 29, 2009

Opium Mornings in the Poppy Garden

A pot of black tea or coffee perhaps for relaxation and enjoyment in the morning will do for some but for those who are troubled by the their dark secrets and malicious actions, a much stonger brew is is needed to block out the real world and escape to another... leaving all behind . That is why Opium Tea is prefered by this little lady. Because to have a pipe around the house and smoke it would not be lady like, oh no ... so in keeping appearances she grows her poppies on the hillside not far from her home and in the morning carries her basket there where she picks the greenest pods that have just lost their petals. She gingerly walks her way back home where she will grind them and brew them into a nice pot of tea ,surrenduring all cares to an altered state of bliss.

The greener the better, for the milk in them is strong and that is exactly what she needs to help her cope with life ...or just get along.

"Opium Mornings" is now listed ebay. Won't you drop on by and say hello to this lovely poppy lady ? :)


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Anonymous said...

Ooooooh-she is so cute! Such a proper lady with her hidden vice...