Monday, June 1, 2009

"Ghosts of the Mississippi"

The week I made this doll my thoughts were on images and stories of the Old South. If one does research on Haunted Mississippi and Ghost Stories of the south you will find some really fascinating and spooky tales . I have quite a few books with this premise that I love to read and draw inspiration from. Not to mention living in a very historic area in Virginia, I need only to drive around town and the local area to take a step back in time with all the Civil War sites, historical homes and old graveyards :)

The Idea of " Ghosts of the Mississippi" which is now listed on eBay , came to me one evening while reflecting on past stories I have read. One particular one took place on a river boat in which a poker game went wrong, resulting in murder and a body being tossed overboard into the cold Mississippi that night . It was said that on a full moon one can see a white figure running along the banks of the river as the majestic river boats go by . The towns folk believe it is the spirit of the poor soul who lost his life that fateful night to a sly hand ...trying to find those who have wronged him ....... oooohhh !!! he-he ;)


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