Monday, June 8, 2009

Absinthe Doll

Ok, so one bottle down, 3 more to go from the previous posting . I listed a new doll on eBay this afternoon simply called "Absinthe ". I have always loved to read about the history and hysteria that surrounded this drink from back in the day. An inspiration for poets, artists and writers but also said to have made many go crazy from drinking it as it would cause hallucinations , insanity and even death . Here is a little link I came across one day, it is a "Buyers Guide to Absinthe" which has has links, history and other informative articles about the spirit you may enjoy reading about .

Though the little bottle I used for the doll accent is not a real mini Absinthe bottle, it did contain a liquore at one time, that yes in indeed I did partake in the comsumption of . I did not see a green fay or any other winged fantasy creature for that matter in drinking it,but I did see the vision of the Absinthe doll when I was done , among many other visions and ideas with the rest of the bottles I drank that night(rough week ). Some were blurry as the night went on but others I remembered the next day... thank goodness :) he-he!


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adelesspookyart said...

There you are....I Lost you for a while...I LOVE your Dolls...I still have 2 bars of Soap that i refuse to open...Such a Fun SpOOky Decor for the Powder Room...

SpOOky Dreams Dear