Thursday, May 28, 2009

That Old Halloween Feelin!

Introducing..... a new "Victorian Witch Cat "doll now listed on ebay!

You know it is always a good time to make Halloween art though it is still 5 months away but those who love the season as much as I do know that one can celebrate it all year round !

I was feeling whimsy the day I made this pretty kitty and yes ,I know... I jump from theme to theme but you sort of have to go with what strikes your fancy that day and create ! It has put me in the mood for many more Halloween creations that's for sure , which is always so fun and my little book of musing and ideas is filling up quick! This was my first time ever to mold a cat head of clay and paint on the meow details own dear six toed cat "Seis" being the model of course he-he! I loved this one very much that I am working on another style like this to keep and add to my Halloween collection but I think I may keep her out all year long for inspiration when I am done... cat dolls are just so darn cute!



nicol sayre said...

Thanks for the visit! Love your kitty and I know what you mean...Halloween is right around the corner!

faerydustpixy said...

Oh I love this cat doll! You combined 3 of my most favorite things-cats, witches, Halloween! I love the colors here.