Monday, February 11, 2008

Pin Cushions

Here are few styles of pin cushions I have created in the past year. I created my first one out of neccessity when I lost 5 needles in 1 hour ! You see,I have a very bad habit of not putting things back where they belong and in my madness of creating I tend to pull things out and then forget where I left them too . I spend most of my time searching for things, and infact you can often find me in my studio spinning in circles, while wildly looking for my lost items. So it was in a frustrated moment of sewing I decided to make a pumpkin pin cushion for myself. Something that would would be big enough and eye cathing for me to remember and want to use for placing my pins and needles. It came out so well that I decided to make another similar .It was one of the first items that sold for me on eBay that was non bath and body . That was all she wrote, and now I make these every chance I get . I still miss place things, but not my needles any more :)

"Dark Valentine" Pin Cushion

"Love Eternal" Crow Pin Cushion
My first pin cushion creation "Wicked and Wild "

Ouija Board Pin Cushion
" Pin-elope Mori" with matching hand sculpted clay skull head pins

Skeleton Head Pin Cushion

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