Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gothic Victorian Folk Art Doll Ornaments

One day I decided to try to make a new type of doll that's style was similar to the Victorian China doll . I love the sleek look they have of white faces and black hair, not to mention the beautiful Victorian clothing they are dressed in. I did not want to use a mold so that each one would be unique in facial features, so I made the head out of polymer clay. The hands and legs were done in the same way, I spent many hours trying to get the shape right based on pictures I saw in my doll books. When it came time for the body to be made and stuffed, the torso came out well, but the arms and legs were something to be desired... uneven and lumpy . I do not allow myself to use patterns and most of my doll bodies are done with freehand cutting and measurements meaning I just look at the fabric and start to cut "eyeballing it"if you will. This gives it a more of a custom make to the doll I feel and you not using a pattern someone else made. Well, needless to say the fist one of these I did I was not very happy with. The legs are a big problem for me (looks like she had gout ;) so as I mentioned in blog before if a project goes wrong I turn it into an ornament. I am very glad I did as this had such a wonderful turn out. So what you see is a mini doll ornament done in some what of a Victorian China doll style of my own sculpted head design . I hand stitch the clothes and give them strange little accessories and features made of polymer clay as well to go along with the theme of the doll .
I suppose eventually I will start to make these as "real dolls "and on a larger scale with more detail and better sewing craftsmanship to where if one buys it and happens to undress the doll they won't think it was part Frankenstein doll ...although that would be a good idea for a doll too ;)
I am my worst critic I guess, but I will keep trying until I get it right .
"The Undertaker's Wife- with small coffin and certificate of death
" Tea Time"-with a clock, poison design tea cup and paper will
" Lady Opium" with poppy pod pot and unusual death /snake opium pipe
" Time Keeper" with small skull with wings clock
" The Spell Caster " with a small book of spells and her pet black crow perched on a skull .

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