Monday, February 11, 2008

Ornies, Ornies...all types of Ornies!

Ornament making is so much fun because you can make an ornament out of any thing. Sometimes when projects do not come out well, I can "revamp" it into an ornament and it turned out better that the original plan! Mainly my ornaments are made in a style of Torso Doll you hang or can sit on a shelf. I like to occasionally fill them with fragrance, and herbs as they can double as a sachet to let off a scent where ever you may display them . Art with a scent, hmm...imagine that ;)
" Ouija Ghost "
"Love and Pain" Stuffed with roses scented with Sandalwood Rose fragrance.
" Story Teller"
" Absinthe" Ornament stuffed with real Fennel , Wormwood and scented with Anise oil
Stuffed with real Roses and Jasmine petals fragranced with a Rose, Jasmine, Frankincense scent.
"Haunted Harriet" First Torso Doll Ornament I sold .
"Fine Art of Poisoning" glass poison bottle ornament
" Lenore "Tribute to Poe

"Ghost Banshee"
"Witches Apothecary" Ornament


Carolee said...

Nina, these are WONDERFUL! I'm adding this to my links. :)

~ Carolee

Designs by CK said...

Nina ~ GREAT retrospective of your lovely ornies. SO many lovely ornies and SO little money!!! LOL '-)

Best Always,
Chris :)