Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Mourning Topsy Turvy Doll "Tear Drop Memories"

"Tear Drop Memories" Topsy Turvy Doll
One side is a mourning doll holding a family album or "book of the dead" with
post mortum photographs .

The other side is a mourning doll with a gold momento locket which has a photograph of the deceased and a lock of braided hair.

Just listed her this morning a new Topsy Turvy doll called "Tear Drop Memories ".
My inspiration for this being Victorian Mourning customs of post mortum photographs and momento hair lockets worn in remembrance of the deceased.
A one of a kind creation indeed, and another I am having a hard time parting with ;)
Drop by and take a looksie.


Designs by CK said...

Nina ~ Your topsy turvy dollies are very creative & unique!

Chris '-)

dollface design said...

your work is stunning! so unique and wonderful ♥ this little lady may be my favorite!