Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Witch Jar "Spells and Charms"

I was playing around with clay the other day and made a little book and stand just for fun . Not knowing what I was to do with it, I gave up and pulled all my tiny clay pieces into a glass jar for storage....then it hit me! As the book stand stood up in the jar among all the other pieces, I looked carefully for a while at it and then began to think of the idea as to how I could create a little scene inside a jar would that could be displayed on a shelf little bottled moments and sceneries . So I began on my first jar which turned out quite nice, I am working on two more but not quite finished . I listed this one called "Spells and Charms"this morning. I can't wait to finish the rest:)



Designs by CK said...

Nina ~ Just GREAT...if I weren't SO strapped right now I would bid on this! :)

I have a surprise 4 you on my blog! '-)

Spooky Hugs,

Diane MacNaughtan said...

Hi Nina,
I found your blog through Ck, What a fun place to be! You are in my Ahao group and I have always admired your work. I am adding you to my fav blogs.

Iva said...

Dear Nina~ What a great idea for the jars! I have always admired your work. Thank Chris for sending me your way. I should have been by long ago.
Take care...a fellow EHAG artist...Iva