Monday, April 28, 2008

Gothic Pageant Doll "Night Queen" Ornament

"Night Queen" Gothic Pageant Doll Ornament,inspired by the following trip down memory lane.

I was born and raised in Texas and lived there all my life until I was 22, then I got married and moved to Virginia with my husband. I remember very well growing up that Texas Beauty Pageants were the biggest thing for teenage girls to be part of, and most of my friends did the pageant circuit thing ...of course that was not my cup of tea ...too foo foo (lol). I remember the crowns were enormous and what the girls had to go through to look perfect for competitions was rediculous...but to each their own.

My senior year in high school I was nominated to be Home Coming Queen. Of course I was not very excited about having to participate but when my mother bought me the perfect dress for the occassion, I soon changed my mind and could not wait to show it off! :) It was a drop dead gorgeous red velvet dress, with black venician applique around the botton of the dress and on the bodice . It came with a velvet diamond rhinestone choker ....and it was amazing !!!

Yeah... I will toot my own horn, I looked pretty darn hot in it ;) (lol)

Well of course the crown went to the popular girl who everyone can't stand but they act like they like her anyway because she is who she is ...(I think every school had one of those I believe.) Any way that night I did not win a crown but I walked away with such adoration of my dress and how nice I looked and... the shock to the rest of the girls that I wore red velvet when all they managed to were was boring blue and pink satin. The fact that I stood out and turned heads just by being me all dark and lovely was prize enough... I was on cloud 13 that night! I think back now and laugh how silly it was really, and yet had it been a different type of pageant say a like a "Miss Texas Gothic Pageant ".... I would have totally won it ;)

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Designs by CK said...

FUN story Nina! I bet you looked great in the red velvet dress. Do you have a picture you could post here?

Your new doll is dark & lovely as always! '-)

Now I need to find some money so I can start bidding again! (wink)

PS: Cloud 13 ~ LOVE THAT! LOL

Spooky Hugs