Thursday, April 23, 2009

OMG!S ince December?..Really it's been that long without a post?? ! My how times flys by! And how very, very, sorry I am for dropping the ball on my blog ! Here I go again though :)

I have created a few dolls and things since then but not as much as I would like . I was on a creative hole I would say for loss of my little muse who always came through with some wonderful ideas. "Oh where, oh where have you gone? !!!"

So lately I have been piddling here and there in my spare time of not working on the business of VMB and well here are two new creations now listed on Ebay .

I looove how both turned out !

I am in a dark whimsy kind of mood ever since I came back from vacation . I guess going back home to visit the family just gave me so much great joy that the Texas sun must have shone on me a bit to long and illuminated the halls of my dark heart that now I can't help but to think on a little bit different note for my art themes, like sweets and crowns and birds. I guess all artist go through transitions and phases that makes their work evolve from one thing to another . Why keep it the same all the time right ? Well eigther way I hope you enjoy the newbies so drop by and take peek !

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