Thursday, April 23, 2009

Every now and then I make something for me. And with spring in the air I am re-arranging and re-decorating the house. It is hard to find my certain style of what I have in mind to set the stage for my house so most of the time I make my own decor. So while out shopping for finds at the local antique shops and thrift stores (I can spend hoooours in when I have the time)I came across a bargain table with little nick nacks . So a little 80's style wall mask and a small brass candlestick holder caught my eye and I picked them up for about 75 cents.

Funny How 75 cents could turn into such a dark and lovely piece of art !

I painted the mask black and added accents of gold paint and feathers with black and gold roses.

I then glued the mask on to the candle stick and attached a small clay bat to it that I had made a few months back for a gift box , added tulle and ribbon and topped the bat with an old anitque style clip on earring.
Yes every now and then I make something for me and this one I am definately keeping upon my parlor mantle.

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